bitcoin vs ethereum exchange rate
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We recommend that you use a hardware wallet, to be the full owner of your coins. While Bitcoin may be the best known, Ethereum has about half the market cap of Bitcoin and is seeing broad adoption. By providing some of the global hash power needed, you receive rewards and get paid in crypto-currency. If you were to build a pure Ethereum mining rig you would essentially look to maximize raw performance per watt and performance per dollar invested. Cryptocurrency exchange platform? Then you can choose to keep coins or exchange it for other coins or currency.

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Bitcoin vs ethereum exchange rate

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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which Crypto is Best?

9/15/ · With a market cap of about $ billion, BTC, even with its 57% tumble year to date through Sept. 15, trades at around $19, with a typical hour trading volume in the tens of . 7/21/ · Bitcoin vs. Ethereum. Mark Hooson. Forbes Advisor Staff designed as a store of value and medium of exchange—but today mostly employed as a speculative risk asset. 10/23/ · At the time of writing, the current conversion rate is Ξ 1 is equal to ₿. Once you know that information, multiply the amount you have in ETH by the current exchange rate. .