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Corbet place bar truman brewery mural ethereum smart contract list

Corbet place bar truman brewery mural

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I have a memory of the Truman Brewery as it was around in Raven Row, behind the London Hospital where my Grandmother lived at the time. The same chimney stood there on the corner of Whitechapel road with the white Truman letters running down. I recall that I saw on one visit the Chimney being demolished. On the Truman site, they built a new building and was used as a post office depot with vans coming into the entrance in Raven Row , day and night.

There was constant noise and also fumes that caused many complaints from the residents there. In the end, my grandmother had to move away from the little house she had lived in all her life. What a horrible sight this glass and concrete blocks are!

In fact, they are structures that are deliberately designed to destroy memory and the personal feeling of being in a place that you can identify. You could be anywhere and not recall where it actually was because there are a million places just like it everywhere Ros permalink June 12, This is too much.

Any thought that we might have a kinder and more caring society post pandemic seems a pipe dream. Old buildings can be reused and cleverly Intigrated to make use of their architecture. The new building will respect and remain consistent with the scale of its immediate surroundings. So after two years, dozens of hours driving around and now compiling the ultimate list of murals in San Antonio, TX- I give you the go-to mural guide for your aesthetic pleasure.

If any have been taken down or you find any new ones please drop me a comment because I want to make this the best map of murals in San Antonio. Currently on the list are two locations. In my personal opinion this is gonna be a spot to hang out at in the next couple of years. Their is also a lot of instagrammable locations here so you can monopolize on your trip.

Grab some paletas from El Paraiso or maybe a bite at Deco Pizzeria then head out and take some more photos. From Buddha to superheroes- this artsy side of town has some great secret gems. Downtown San Antonio Murals So downtown is awesome- I also have a different map or classification of what I consider downtown.

San Antonio Street Art Initiative Every now and again we get enough people that are passionate about something that want to change the world- or create beauty. So basically a party with a purpose. So why not take advantage that!

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