replace ash trees with better species
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Replace ash trees with better species

Silver linden Tilia tomentosa has very attractive dark-green leaves with pubescent silvery undersides that give them better resistance to Japanese beetles. Bigtooth Maple Acer grandidentatum is a related species native to Rocky Mountains that is better suited for western Nebraska. American elms need careful structural pruning when young and should be limited primarily to street tree and park plantings.

Japanese elm Ulmus davidiana var. All elms require frequent structural pruning when young to maintain good form. Honeylocust thornless Gleditsia triacanthos var. As always, select the best tree according to your site conditions, space available, ornamental value, site usage, wildlife habitat, maintenance plans, and to support diversity. For diversity, plant a variety of species in an area to reduce the impacts of environmental stresses invasive species, climate change, weather extremes.

The Morton Arboretum recommends no more than 30 percent of trees in an area come from the same tree family. Also purchase locally grown plants to ensure the plants are adapted to our weather conditions. For example a Redbud Cercis canadensis from Georgia is not adapted to the same conditions as a Redbud from Northern Illinois. Besides selecting the best tree and location, remember to properly plant, mulch, and water your new tree. Native Street Trees: Hackberry Celtis occidentalis — I recommend this tree for its unusual bark see photo and wildlife value, especially birds who love to eat its berries.

It can tolerate a range of soil and street conditions, is a medium-fast grower and is a medium to large in size. It can develop leaf galls which look like huge pimples along with witches broom , but these are usually not harmful and for the most part, can be ignored. Kentucky Coffee trees are either male or female.

Female trees flower in spring and produce long seeds pods when pollinated by a male tree. Both have compound leaves, large leaves composed of smaller leaves called leaflets and a neat bark. It can tolerate of range of soils and street conditions but prefers moist soils, and grows large in size.

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The most common ash species in Minnesota are black ash Fraxinus nigra , white ash Fraxinus americana and green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica. Choosing the right replacement tree species depends on the surrounding plant community. Disease-resistant elms are commonly-recommended to replace ash. Plant a variety of trees to avoid emerald ash borer attack Black ash woodland in a wet forest All Minnesota counties have at least one variety of ash, and ash is found on 4.

The large number of ash trees in Minnesota make the state susceptible to EAB. There are many different tree species that landowners can plant to replace ash. However, I'm going to have to say that if someone asks me about planting ash trees, I'm going to suggest that they pick a different species, and this has nothing to do with the cold weather in Personally, I seriously doubt that we have to worry about our local weather being below zero for days on end any time soon.

While I'm not worried about future cold weather that will be bad enough to kill ash trees, I am worried about the emerald ash borer EAB moving into the area and killing off our remaining ash trees. Since it's EAB already in the metroplex, it eventually will get here and be more deadly to our ash trees than last year's cold was. I don't want to turn this into another column about the evil AEB, but I did have to mention it to explain why I don't recommend replanting ash trees to try and make up our losses.

Almost all ash trees were planted as shade trees, so I'm assuming that most of them that need to be replaced, need to be replaced with something that will also grow to be a shade tree. Some of the trees that would make good shade trees would be any of the oaks red, live, bur, chinkapin, etc. Another tree that would be a good replacement for an ash tree would be a cedar elm.

Since we live in Texas, and "cedars" are fairly universally despised here, I always need to make the point that cedar elms are nice, locally native, trees that are elms, and have nothing to do with cedars. I don't know who named that species, but it's odd that they included cedar as part of the name. There are two more elms that make pretty good shade trees - slippery elms that grow locally along waterways and around lakes and tanks, and of all things, American elms.

Oddly enough, the only source that I'm aware of for the slippery elms is to go dig them up from their native settings and transplant them.

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Breeding for EAB Resistance: What Does the Future Look Like for Ash Trees?

Replacing Ash: Appropriate Tree Selection. Jun 20,  · Best Trees to Replace Ash (Ash Tree Alternatives by Zone) If you removed your ash tree because of emerald ash borer (EAB) and think the spot where it used to stand looks . May 20,  · In most cases this is true, but we still cannot discount the diversity that the proven introduced species provide us. Trees like gingko, dawn redwood, zelkova, katsura, kousa .