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Bettinghaus 1968 presidential election

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Joan Braden traveled with RFK while he was campaigning nationwide. Joan and Tom Braden [Source: polpotera. This was apparently meant to outflank J. Edgar Hoover and to facilitate the act being approved by Congress. Paragraph 3 also appears to forbid the CIA from engaging in domestic operations and internal security activities the realm of the FBI and to permit only administrative, supply and training activities inside the United States.

Paragraph 3 further appears to forbid the CIA from engaging in foreign intelligence-gathering and covert operations. Robert Maheu [Source: nytimes. These activities were made deniable by having them carried out through third parties proxies , such as Maheu Associates, and other groups and individuals. Domestic operations, even minor operations, were kept secret in order to prevent public pressure to restrict or abolish the Agency.

Most of the American public believed that, like the U. Enter Robert Maheu. Maheu ran a detective agency, Maheu Associates, that had only two clients, the CIA and the National Security Council, and had done numerous domestic jobs for them. He did this in a way which gave the appearance that Hughes was really in charge, but was desirous of great privacy.

Luring Ms. In he partnered with Robert Maheu in the Icardi investigation, which was an issue in the Italian election. He declined both times. Edward Bennett Williams—a Company man. Bundy [Source: mishalov. The Ford Foundation grants did not immediately divert Mankiewicz from the remainder of the election campaign. The column launched in fall and came to be carried in 70 newspapers nationwide. These activities took Mankiewicz out of the remainder of the election. Nixon had been a staunch anti-Communist when he was vice president under Eisenhower.

Nixon was the only viable pro-war candidate and was surely seen by the CIA as the only hope for continuing and winning the Vietnam War. As governor of New York, Rockefeller instituted relatively liberal policies regarding abortion, civil rights, drug rehabilitation, and conservation though his drug laws were notoriously harsh. As a moderate Republican and Keynesian, Rockefeller felt that the government should address inner-city poverty with programs to provide better education, low-income housing, and equal job opportunities.

Jock Whitney [Source: findagrave. In Elias P. Demetracopoulos, a Greek journalist and dissident who lived in Washington, D. Tasca, U. Tasca [Source: nara. Demetracopoulos [Source: nytimes. Neither arrived at the Convention with enough votes to win on the first ballot, scheduled for p. But Rockefeller was a good negotiator and was expected to gain enough support from minor-candidate delegates to win on the second ballot.

The riot quickly grew quite large and was widely reported on radio and TV that afternoon and evening. Rockefeller supported government assistance to inner-city Blacks, while Nixon took a law-and-order position on Black riots. The riot influenced almost 80 delegates to change their votes to Nixon, who won on the first ballot.

Rockefeller lost the opportunity to negotiate for a second-ballot win. After the riot a group called the Miami Study Team was organized to conduct an official investigation into the riot. The Miami Study Team produced a report, the Miami Report, that concluded that there was no connection between the riot and the Convention. We have resolved them as best we could in discussion with our staff, and presented only our conclusions. The Miami newspapers said that the incident that started the riot the Wallace-sticker car incident happened shortly after p.

And the Miami Report placed the Wallace-sticker car incident at p. Paul Helliwell [Source: floridabar. He spent most of his life with the CIA as perhaps their foremost expert on the secret transfer of guns, drugs and money. Santo Trafficante [Source: themobmuseum.

Later he created two more offshore drug banks. He was one of the people who did the most to create the inner-city heroin epidemic that has killed so many young people, especially young Blacks. Vice President Hubert H. The Democratic Convention was the scene of massive protests on the streets of Chicago. Like Dr. King, Humphrey was greatly concerned about the large amount of money being spent on the war instead of on domestic social programs. Thereafter, Humphrey publicly supported LBJ on the war.

The Paris peace talks cause Humphrey to rise in the polls With the Democratic Party badly divided during the late August convention, Humphrey trailed Nixon significantly in September. In October, after Humphrey announced that he would halt the bombing if he were elected, his campaign began to gain momentum.

On October 10, LBJ broke his election neutrality and delivered a radio speech that supported Humphrey. Since June the Johnson administration had attempted to arrange peace talks in Paris. By October the North Vietnamese had accepted and the talks were scheduled to begin November 2, three days before the election which LBJ had calculated to help Humphrey. On October 31, Johnson announced a halt to the bombing of North Vietnam effective the next day.

This would have helped Humphrey, whose poll numbers were then edging very close to those of Nixon and would have surpassed him by several percentage points on election day if the climb rate continued. If things continued that way, it appeared that Humphrey would win the election.

Anna Chennault and the Paris Peace talks a. After the Chinese Communists took control of the opium-producing region in southwest China in , Tu began getting his opium from Thailand, where the opium trade was run by Gen. General Claire Chennault [Source: lonestarflight. In Anna Chennault moved to Washington, D. Anna Chennault [Source: nytimes. During that time he had presided over the removal of a number of world leaders, through assassination or election intervention.

Johnson ordered the air strikes to stop on October 29, which caused support for Humphrey to rise. Chennault, a close friend of South Vietnamese ambassador Bui Diem, had convinced South Vietnamese officials that their government would receive a better deal from Nixon than from Humphrey and that they should therefore not support the Johnson peace initiative.

One would think that she would have needed serious help to accomplish such things. In any event, Anna Chennault succeeded in getting the South Vietnamese to withdraw from the Paris peace talks—and Humphrey slid in the polls. Anna Chennault with Nixon and Kissinger. Johnson accused Anna Chennault of costing Humphrey the election—and called it treason.

In her interview with Herbert Parmet, Mrs. Chennault revealed that the full story had not been told. She said that there had also been couriers that the FBI did not know about, but she refused to identify them. Meaning there were other players involved. Humphrey received McCarthy, who had been poised to win the election after the New Hampshire primary in March, received about 30, write-in votes—less than one vote in a thousand.

Dick Nixon celebrates election victory. Conclusion The author believes that the events recounted in this article all of which were done by people closely connected with the CIA were not coincidental happenings, but actions that were done at the direction of the CIA to influence the outcome of the election.

Meaning that the CIA successfully subverted the U. Since this happened more than 50 years ago and all those involved are likely dead, there can be no prosecution for the crimes committed, only a correction of our history. Respect and decency require that the people of Liberty City be compensated for the great damage done to their community.

And justice and truth demand that appropriate restitution be made to all Americans, especially Black Americans, for the murders of Martin Luther King, Jr. Knappman ed. The story of this election has been told in many books, from Theodore H. But he is a talented storyteller, and his analysis of campaign tactics is sharp. And the story of that election still matters. In , Americans elected a man with some savvy and no principles. In , they elected a man with neither. It turns out that the distance is not all that great.

Americans tend to overread Presidential elections. It matters which party, and which person in which party, is in the White House. The mistake is to interpret the election as an index of public opinion itself something of a Platonic abstraction. In close elections, such as those of , , and , the vote is essentially the equivalent of flipping a coin. If the voting had happened a week earlier or a week later or on a rainy day, the outcome might have been reversed.

But we interpret the result as though it reflected the national intention, a collective decision by the people to rally behind R. Even when the winner receives fewer votes than the loser, as in and , we talk about the national mood and direction almost entirely in terms of the winning candidate, and as though the person more voters preferred had vanished, his or her positions barely worth reporting on.

Millions more Americans voted for Barack Obama in and in and for Hillary Clinton in than voted for Donald Trump, but the Trump voter is now the protagonist of the national narrative. People talk about how Americans want to roll back globalization—even though most Americans who voted appear to want no such thing. The United States is one of the few democracies that does not have a coalition government, and a winner-take-all electoral system breeds a winner-take-all punditry.

The winner-take-all interpretation of the election was that, with the defeat of Hubert Humphrey, the nation repudiated liberalism. But did Humphrey lose because he was a liberal, or because he ran a tone-deaf campaign? The date was April 27, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Even after he had the nomination in hand, he seemed reluctant to dissociate himself from a policy with which the electorate had clearly lost patience. Yet the popular vote was surprisingly close. The margin was eight hundred thousand votes, seven-tenths of one per cent of the total. Some of the Democratic base did not turn out, and some Democrats—my mother was one—voted but did not check a box for President another symbolic protest performed for a local audience.

Humphrey got twelve million fewer votes than Johnson did in , and he still nearly won a plurality. More than a third of all the Americans killed in Vietnam were killed during his Presidency. In , he extended the war into Cambodia. In the last of the major campus disruptions, protesting students were killed at Kent State, in Ohio, and at Jackson State College, in Mississippi.

In , after running again on a promise to end the war, Nixon ordered the so-called Christmas bombing of North Vietnam: in the course of twelve days, some seven hundred and forty sorties by Bs dropped twenty thousand tons of bombs. Sixteen hundred Vietnamese were estimated to have been killed. The purpose of the Christmas bombing was to pressure North Vietnam to negotiate an end to the fighting, which finally happened in But, in , the North Vietnamese marched into Saigon and united the country under Communist rule, exactly the outcome that France and the United States had been fighting to prevent for thirty years.

By then, Nixon had resigned and Gerald Ford was President. This is where the diagnosis becomes complicated. People who write and argue about politics are ideologues. They hold a coherent set of positions that they identify as liberal or conservative or some variant, like libertarian or leftist.

But, to millions of voters, those terms mean almost nothing. These voters do not think in ideological terms, and their positions on the issues are often inconsistent and lacking in coherence. Given the option, they will sometimes identify as moderates or centrists, but this tells us very little about how they will vote. The fact that voters are often responding to nonideological cues helps to explain the apparent volatility of the electorate from race to race.

In , for example, running against Goldwater, a conservative from Arizona, Johnson carried the neighboring state of California with fifty-nine per cent of the vote. Two years later, running as a conservative who had prominently backed Goldwater in , Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California with almost fifty-eight per cent of the vote.

What cues were these voters responding to? Nixon got to the center, while Humphrey and the Democrats remained associated with the extremes. Centrism requires a delicate balancing act, which Nixon, a man with many innate liabilities as a politician, turned out to be extremely good at. As long as the war was going badly, people who favored withdrawal and people who favored escalation both found in Nixon a congenial alternative.

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