backlogged btc transactions
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We recommend that you use a hardware wallet, to be the full owner of your coins. While Bitcoin may be the best known, Ethereum has about half the market cap of Bitcoin and is seeing broad adoption. By providing some of the global hash power needed, you receive rewards and get paid in crypto-currency. If you were to build a pure Ethereum mining rig you would essentially look to maximize raw performance per watt and performance per dollar invested. Cryptocurrency exchange platform? Then you can choose to keep coins or exchange it for other coins or currency.

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Backlogged btc transactions

Unfortunately, it appears there is a major backlog forming once again. At the time of writing, there are over , Bitcoin transactions waiting to be confirmed. The number continues to climb at a quick pace, though. It is unclear what is happening exactly, or why this backlog is occurring right now. Given the recent surge in popularity, that is not entirely surprising. However, this new backlog has grown out of proportions by quite a margin.

With over , transactions waiting for confirmations, things are not looking that great. It appears Bitcoin users are forced to pay higher fees or hold off on broadcasting transactions for the time being. It is not the first time the Bitcoin network faces a backlog, though. Events like these have transpired multiple times in the past.

It is evident there is a need for scaling solutions to handle this influx of transactions. Moving transactions off-chain or increasing the block size are two valid options to do so. Several Parler users participated in the Jan. The deadly riot was part of then-President Trump's attempt to subvert U. In its wake, both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store banned Parler for violating rules requiring apps to engage in basic content moderation.

AWS followed suit , although the mobile OS providers eventually relented after Parler agreed to changes. When it bought a cloud company, Parler's parent company made clear that it was getting into the business to make sure it would have a say in digital choke points by "building out what will become an entire ecosystem to … help amplify free speech platforms. Ye didn't disclose how much he plans to pay for Parler, either. By contrast, AWS brings in more than times that amount in a single quarter.

Ye's move and the pivot for Parlement are arriving right as Elon Musk appears poised to complete his deal for Twitter and scale back what he views as excessively liberal moderation policies there. The Google Play Store also recently approved Trump's Truth Social app, a competitor to Parler, although the service is facing significant financial difficulties.

Together, the moves mean that increasingly prominent figures will be at the helm of widely available platforms that either appeal to conservatives or are trying to bring them back on, even as right-wing social media remains relatively niche. There's ample room for conservative social networks to grow, joining the decades of runaway success by right-wing radio and TV, as well podcasts and livestreams in recent years.

Such a shift would upend the hope of early social media that everyone of all political stripes would gather in one place. And to pull it off, it might well require conservatives, sooner or later, to have a firm grip on more than just apps. Keep Reading Show less Benjamin Pimentel Mastercard said Monday that it will help banks offer a way for customers to buy and sell crypto, highlighting the push for infrastructure to enable traditional financial institutions to jump into the growing market.

Mastercard said its new Crypto Source program will make it possible for bank partners to offer crypto services to customers through a partnership with Paxos, the crypto investment services company. The move creates a path for banks that are eager to enter the crypto market but face regulatory constraints related to holding digital assets for customers.

The partnership is part of a growing trend in the financial services industry of big institutions turning to companies that offer tools and services for crypto trading for their clients. Keep Reading Show less Lisa Martine Jenkins Climate tech is an investment bright spot, even as venture capital deals decline. Startups in the climate and energy space raked in a significant share of venture capital funding in the third quarter, according to an analysis by CB Insights.

Climate tech companies claimed five of the 10 biggest deals done in the third quarter, including the top two spots. This boon for climate tech came as overall investments slump. A separate report from Pitchbook found that venture-backed exits are set to hit a five-year low in , which could further slow investments. But climate startups continue to attract capital, particularly certain types of technology.

Companies that could speed up the EV transition were big winners in the third quarter, but a Pitchbook analysis also shows that carbon capture and removal is going strong this year. Policies and government funding that could help these sectors grow, notably provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act , make EVs and carbon removal more of a sure bet. A number of smaller VC firms are also popping up to make niche climate investments, whether into decarbonizing everyday goods or fighting wildfires.

The surge in interest comes as the urgency to address the climate crisis grows. Keep Reading Show less Janko Roettgers Netflix is making it easier for people to disentangle their personal viewing data: The streaming service is rolling out a new feature worldwide this week that will let users transfer all of their personalized viewing data to a new account. Families grow. Relationships end.

The feature is being introduced at a time when Netflix would very much like some of its members to spin out their profiles into new accounts. Netflix is blaming some of its woes on subscribers who share accounts with friends and relatives; the company estimates that around million households participate in account sharing. Netflix plans to crack down on this in and began testing a few ways of doing so in Latin America earlier this year. As part of those trials, Netflix tried giving people in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru a way to take their profile data and transfer it to a new account.

That was a hit with audiences, according to a spokesperson, resulting in Netflix now making it available globally. Until now, creators of new accounts have lost all access to their personalized data from previously shared accounts, including viewing history and suggestions. Netflix was the first streaming service to launch individual profiles for family members almost a decade ago. Since then, most streaming services have adopted profile-based personalization.

Tech companies that have conducted layoffs this year eliminated around half of their HR and recruiting staffers, according to a new analysis from mock-interview site interviewing. Some recruiters held onto their jobs for months — even after hiring slowed to a trickle. For some, the best option may be to take a sizable pay cut to go to non-tech companies.

Some opportunities in tech recruiting seem to be oriented toward candidates who live near the office, Nelson said, which is limiting for him as a resident of the D. Sign up here to get it in your inbox three times a week.

Keep Reading Show less Nick Statt Discord announced a suite of new features and an additional, cheaper subscription tier to its Nitro service on Monday designed to position its chat platform as not just a place to talk with your friends while you play video games, but also a place to play those games with friends and find new software.

Discord, started in , has grown to more than million monthly active users predominantly by being a free-to-use multiplatform chat application not unlike Slack. But where Discord thrives is less in work contexts and more for seamless voice communication and in allowing large communities to organize around their interests, with a large focus on gaming.

Beginning Oct. The Basic offering allows for largely cosmetic upgrades, including animated emoji and special profile badges. But to lure customers who might be considering a full Nitro subscription, Discord is now planning to sweeten the deal with the launch of a key new feature: in-app gaming.

The hope that more players will come to think of Discord as a place to do stuff with friends instead of just chat. Discord is calling its new gaming initiative Activities, and these will start with a series of nine minigames that work well within the context of Discord's voice chat capabilities. Discord's new Activities tab will let users play minigames with one another inside of the app, starting with more obvious use cases like poker and chess.

Image: Discord For example, Discord will now offer a Watch Together app for watching YouTube together with your friends, a poker app for organizing group card games, and chess. Only one user will need a standard Nitro plan to invite their friends to play these games. Nitro Basic users do not get access to activities save Watch Together and Putt Party, which are also available to free Discord users.

Discord is also launching a new app directory, which will serve to make the more than , apps on the platform more accessible. Apps on Discord function less like standard desktop applications and more like server bots you might be used to on Slack or elsewhere. Discord is hoping its appeal to communities and app makers will help it generate enough subscription revenue to sustain the platform as a free-to-use service, while also turning Discord into a place developers might one day consider a potential revenue stream.

That is untrue; only standard Nitro subscribers can access minigames. Companies typically establish pay bands when they hit 40 or 50 employees — around the time they start hiring middle managers, Knopp said. A big part of standardizing pay: employee communication. Much of that work is internal change management and communication around pay transparency, she said.

Pay disparities result from inconsistent practices. Plus, the sooner companies set up pay bands, the easier it will be to do. Keep Reading Show less Ben Brody Major social media services played a crucial role in the spread of falsehoods and disinformation about the election.

Now a coalition of civil rights groups, good-government advocates, and liberal watchdogs say that Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others have more they can do in the next few weeks to avoid a repeat. Even as the platforms try to stop new electoral disinformation and misinformation, they should also ensure they're enforcing policies prohibiting lies claiming the election was stolen, 11 groups led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said in a letter to the companies.

With less than a month to go before the midterm election on Nov. The coalition also says the firms should implement "friction to reduce the distribution of content containing electoral disinformation. The message comes as more than Republican candidates on ballots this fall have declared their support for the "Big Lie" — a series of demonstrably false claims that President Joe Biden actually lost to former President Donald Trump — as well as unfounded conspiracy theories that U.

Despite the baseless attacks on the fundamentals of American democracy, most voters will have the option of an election denier on their ballots in November's elections. Many of those lies spread on the social media sites that are the target of Thursday's letter, as well as through niche conservative services and traditional media.

Election disinformation has also become an international concern. Yet the bigger companies have announced election -protection measures that largely double down on their approach from Often the sites directed users to authoritative information even as the false claims continued to go viral, culminating in the violent attack on the Capitol.

Keep Reading Show less Ryan Deffenbaugh Apple will team up with Goldman Sachs on a savings account for its cardholders, the latest expansion from the tech giant into financial services. Apple said Thursday that holders of the Apple Card will soon be able to open a "high-yield" savings account through Goldman that will connect to Apple's mobile wallet.

The new savings account would include an option to automatically deposit Daily Cash rewards — Apple's term for the cash back it offers on purchases. The Apple Card is already offered through a partnership with Goldman Sachs. In June, Apple revealed a plan to offer a form of " buy now, pay later " financing through its wallet.

Notably, the company reportedly intends to lend directly to Apple Pay Later users through a subsidiary rather than through a banking partner. The Apple Pay Later product is still yet to launch. Bloomberg reported that technical challenges have held it up. But Apple's growing push into financial services has also caught the eye of regulators.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Rohit Chopra promised a " close look " at the company's plan in an interview with the Financial Times earlier this year. Apple's announcement did not say when the savings account will be available, and didn't include an estimate for the interest rate it will offer. Goldman's Marcus savings account offers 2.

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Contact us forex brokers But climate startups continue to attract capital, particularly certain types of technology. Climate tech companies claimed five of the 10 biggest deals done in the third quarter, including the top backlogged btc transactions spots. Previous attempts were caused by spam transactions nearly every time. Over time, some of the features that debuted in the Quest Pro may find their way to the consumer line, while others will likely be exclusive to more expensive devices for some time. Families grow. Keep Reading Show less Janko Roettgers Netflix is making it easier for people to disentangle their personal viewing data: The streaming service is rolling out a new feature worldwide this week that will let users transfer all of their personalized viewing data to a new account. As part of its new partnership, Google Cloud is piloting crypto payments using Coinbase with select customers and plans to open up to more customers in
Ethereum do contracts need to be verified Relationships end. Keep Reading Show less Janko Roettgers Roku has teamed up with Wyze Labs to sell its own line of fanduel odds home products, including security cameras, smart plugs, and smart lights. Policies and government funding that could help these sectors grow, notably provisions in the Inflation Reduction Actmake EVs and carbon removal more of a sure bet. The headset is equipped with RGB cameras for mixed-reality experiences that combine VR elements with a color video pass-through view of the real world. Some opportunities in tech recruiting seem to be oriented toward candidates who live near the office, Nelson said, which is limiting for him as a resident of the D. The Quest Pro also features a more open design meant to allow people to multitask and glance at their desk. Backlogged btc transactions also be able to use your Meta avatars within Teams on Quest devices.
Nvo crypto Goldman's Marcus savings account offers 2. Reaching consensus on which concept is better is quite difficult, though. Much of that work is internal change management and communication around pay backlogged btc transactions, she said. Coinbase in August announced a deal with BlackRock to give access to crypto trading, custody, and prime broker services for institutional investors. Keep Reading Show less Joe Williams Salesforce recently laid off a number of workers and implemented a new hiring freeze through JanuaryProtocol has learned. Google clearly believes it represents a growth opportunity.
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AdInvest your retirement funds in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Sushi, and + more. With 24/7 trading and investment minimums as low as $10, it’s so easy to get started. Due to the sudden rise in bitcoin transactions over the past few days, the bitcoin network is currently undergoing a major backlog. This increase has mostly be due to the ongoing Greek . Nov 12,  · I would like to see and track the evolution of the backlog of Bitcoin transactions. Is there a website that does that? Thank you! David. transactions; transaction-fees; Share. .