good super bowl betting questions
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Good super bowl betting questions outright betting euro 2022 results

Good super bowl betting questions

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However, this is a great general question for all prop bettors to think about. If the wording on a bet seems vague or there are potential questions for the grading, just reach out to customer service. This is especially true of anybody betting into the offshore prop market.

Some bets will be left up to the "Manager's Discretion" and that is probably not a bet you want to risk because you have no way of knowing how it will be graded. If there won't be a definitive answer, it might be best to stay away from that wager. In the case of a prop like this, you can find Opening Kickoff props at just about any sportsbook and it may be better to wager on it somewhere else. Will the Rams be forced to use the visitors locker room and stand on the other side of the field than they are used to?

Could play a little "mind" game with the Rams! Burke: The Bengals are indeed the "home" team because it alternates every year. However, the Rams will be in their own locker room and on the home sideline, per Arash Markazi on Twitter. Home-field advantage with the crowd, though, could be another story! Burke: One would hope that with an entire week's worth of extra prep time, and time to get healthy, that they've done something schematically to improve.

But, obviously, the personnel has not changed. It is one of the big stories of this game and could be a reason why the Rams took early money. Sharper bettors tend to weigh the battle in the trenches a lot more than the average bettor.

Generally speaking, sides and totals will have vig, though that can and will change, depending on the betting action the books are receiving. Some props will be Others will be higher or lower. All bets - sides, totals, props, moneylines, etc.

What are the new top five key numbers for point spreads? Of the single-digit numbers, 6, 5 and 4 are next in line. The biggest changes have been with 5 and 6, as 4 has fallen with less frequency. What in your opinion is the best way to hedge a decent-sized bet like this? How should I hedge to maximize my profits for either outcome?

What should I do? Burke: As stated above, I can't tell anybody exactly what to do with their futures for a number of reasons , but here's how this strategy looks for those in a similar boat. The one thing to keep in mind about hedging is that you have to look at your initial investment differently. Your view may vary on this hedge, but it does guarantee profit all around and the chances of the Bengals winning the Super Bowl without Burrow as the MVP is very small.

Here's more on hedging Super Bowl futures. Whether you get a great square 7,4,3,1,0 or conversely a terrible draw of 2,5,6,8? Is there a strategy to pull a profit out on either side? Having said that, I think there are a few cases where you can certainly increase your chances of hitting. I liken it to those roulette players that spread their chips all over the layout. Even after they hit a number, you know they barely even broke even as the dealers gather up all their losing chips.

Which team do you think has an advantage here? Burke: This is an excellent question. His overly conservative approach has the potential to keep Cincinnati in the game. Something that has stuck with me in the lead-up to the game is that regular Follow The Money guest Adam Chernoff tweeted the night that we knew the Super Bowl matchup about how predictable Zac Taylor is as a play caller and scripter.

McVay obviously knows Taylor very well. As I've written, Cincinnati was 25th in points allowed per game in the first half and 3rd in points allowed per game in the second half during the regular season. He adjusts well on the fly.

With any luck for my bet, he'll have a good game-plan to start as well. Many will say that McVay has the advantage being the "teacher" against his "student". He's also been in more big games than Taylor. I guess I'd give McVay a modest edge and a bigger edge if he has learned from his mistakes of going into a shell too early. Henderson was officially activated on Friday.

You'll be able to see a good, three-back rotation, based on how the game unfolds. That would suggest to me that Michel is not going to get much work at all. At this point, I'm seriously considering under on attempts and yards for Michel.

The fact that Akers immediately usurped Michel when he returned is a sign that McVay has very little belief in him. Henderson's return seems to push him down the chart again. Makinen: I have personally opted out the Michel props after hearing this. He was actually one of my favorite options heading into this week as I thought he had a chance to be a bigger part of the game plan than he was against San Francisco.

There were times in the last couple months where he carried the load and deserved his share of carries on Sunday. This reminds me a bit of the Gurley situation three years ago when McVay made it completely unpredictable as to how he would use his backs vs. You may find a book that offers alternate lines for 1st half bets, but that would be the closest you would get. DraftKings also confirmed they don't offer the bet and did not say why.

I have thoughts but can't find anything on the internet - Paul D. Burke: The governing bodies for sports betting in each state are able to set policies that define what sportsbooks can offer and what they can't. Connecticut's laws restrict certain bets, and apparently the coin toss is one of them. For example, there are a handful of states, including New Jersey, that restrict betting on college sports featuring teams located in the state.

It just depends from state to state. This includes, but not limited to, the start of the game, potential ebb and flows during the four quarters. Finally, individual player performance expectations for both teams. Burke: The performances to date for both teams suggest that the Rams are likely ahead in the first half and that the Bengals will be pretty lively in the second half.

As I've mentioned, Cincinnati was 25th in points allowed per game in the first half and 3rd in points allowed per game in the second half, so it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see that play out. The Rams were 3rd in points allowed per game in the first half and 17th in the second half. If these things hold true to form, it is possible that you might be able to get a really nice in-game spread or moneyline play on the Bengals in the first half or at halftime. The Rams were 7th in points scored per game in the first half with The teams were about even in the second half, despite McVay's tendency to get conservative.

History tells us to expect a slow start. Per this tweet from Mitch Moss, we've had 14 scoreless first quarters in the Super Bowl, 10 quarters that ended and eight quarters that ended The first quarter total is 9. As far as individual player performances, this article from Steve Makinen features projections for the key players. I keep seeing that I need to sign up at the sportsbooks.

Why can't I just do it on my phone? Burke: Welcome! A lot of the states with legal sports betting have what is called "Remote Registration", which means that you can sign up for a sports betting account from anywhere. Nevada does NOT have that. You must sign up in-person at the sportsbook and fund your account with a valid ID.

Once your account is verified, you can bet from anywhere in the state, but you absolutely have to register in the flesh at the book. I'd recommend doing that as quickly as possible because sportsbooks will be busy and lines will be long for the counters and the kiosks. This is also important advice for anybody coming out here for March Madness in a few weeks. I get that there is no hard rule and I have to trust whether I am just leaning or I love it, but what does someone like Mitch do that loves props too?

Youmans: This is an important question because learning how to manage the bankroll is a constant process. There are several ways to answer this, and you might want to wager more on a prop play than the side or total. Youmans: In Vegas, watch the line movements at Circa and the Westgate SuperBook, the books that often post the openers, take more sharp than public action and also have the sharpest oddsmakers.

Obviously, there are offshore books to watch closely too. Give your best long shot that you think could hit and while your at it give me your Circa game numbers guess. And if you prefer to watch the game by yourself — hey, I get it … I do when my team makes the Super Bowl, which I wish was as frequently as the Patriots — we have you covered with two free contests on the Action App.

With the new extra point rules, some of the non-key numbers are not as bad as they used to be, but you obviously still want King 3s and 7s. The concept is simple: The person who gets the most questions right wins the pot. I personally like to assign the highest buy-in to this game, but know your audience. You can create your own questions in a variety of formats — multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.

Heads or Tails Company with first commercial? Player to score first touchdown? Leading rusher? How many times will Trump tweet? Gatorade shower color? Pro tip: Mix it up with entertainment and sports if you have a bigger crowd. Everyone can track their progress on the app — and, hey, someone at your party could end up winning a few extra grand.

You could also just print our prop sheet below if you want a simple question contest. Feel free to adjust point values or have them all equally weighted.

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Some quick examples of possible Super Bowl prop bets are: Which player will win Super Bowl Most Valuable Player? How many yards will one of the starting quarterbacks throw for in the . 51 rows · Feb 14,  · The questions are listed below. We will update the answers on this website the Monday AFTER the Superbowl. 2. $10 Donation Due to popular demand, we . AdCongratulations LA. Get Your Super Bowl 56 Gear From the Official Rams Official Rams Shop has everything for your family including sideline gear for.